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3 benefits of having motion sensors in your home

If you’re looking to expand your smart home system, you should definitely take a look at the features offered by motion sensors. There are multiple benefits of installing motion sensors in your home. Here are some of them:

Enhanced home security

A motion sensor is an important part of a home security system. It monitors movement in your home and lets you know if there’s any activity when there shouldn’t be.

For security purposes, motion sensors can be used to turn on the lights in your home when there’s unwanted movement. This way, you can scare away burglars by turning on all lights in your home and making sure that they can’t sneak around in the dark.

Electricity savings

In addition to turning on the lights in your home, motion sensors can also be used to turn off the lights. This way, a motion sensor is great to use for cutting down on unnecessary electricity consumption.

Through its monitoring of movement, the motion sensor makes it possible to turn off the lights automatically when no activity has been detected in a room for a certain period of time.

Increased convenience

By enabling you to automate household tasks, motion sensors offer you a great level of convenience. Not only can they help turn on the lights automatically when you enter a room, but they can also be used to activate a fan to make the room temperature more pleasant or a heater to make sure you’re not getting cold.

Do these features sound like some you would like to have as part of your smart home? With the frient Motion Sensor, you’ll experience the benefits associated with monitoring movement. If you opt for the Motion Sensor Pro, you’ll also be able to include features that require a light sensor.

Please note that the Motion Sensor and Motion Sensor Pro require a compatible hub.

If you have any questions about the frient smart home products then please get in touch.

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