We Care.

We don’t sell cutting-edge fall detection and smart home technology; we provide peace of mind solutions.

Protecting what matters most to you.


Instant Detection with 24/7 Visibility

Senior care providers need a new kind of technology to deliver predictive, personalised care, that puts dignity, privacy and independence at the heart of everything. 

They need rich, real-time data that drives actionable insights and a robust, cost effective solution to deliver unmatched response times and levels of care. Welcome to Panacea Healthcare! 

Your new best frient

Panacea Healthcare Group are the exclusive UK distributor of frient smart home technology, your shortcut to peace of mind. These high-quality wireless devices help take care of your home and automate your daily life. 

From ensuring safety to monitoring energy consumption, our frient devices always have your back.

Revolutionising The Care Industry.

Leading the way in UK care, we are revolutionising elderly home monitoring with the next generation in cutting-edge fall detection technology. 

We work with leading industry providers in providing exceptional person-centred care, with accurate and quick fall detection in the most cost-effective way possible. No Cameras. No Wearables. No Buttons.


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