Life changing technology, revolutionising the care industry.

Senior care providers need a new kind of technology to deliver predictive, personalised care, that puts dignity, privacy and independence at the heart of everything. 

Current 'solutions' just don't cut it anymore.

Vayyar Care is built around unique touchless technology that monitors their surroundings 24/7 and can instantly recognise and respond to any falls. Because 4D imaging radar sensors aren’t based on cameras or optics, they are robust in all lighting and weather conditions, do not rely on line-of-sight and vitally they maintain privacy at all times.

In care homes rapid response to falls is absolutely critical. A fall must be detected in seconds and help received within minutes to avoid long term injuries and hospitalisations. Vayyar Care Sensors offer the ability to instantly recognise a fall and therefore respond immediately with no cameras, buttons or wearables


Old-school devices are falling short.

Falls can cause confusion, injury or unconsciousness. Either way, seniors may be unable to find the button to push or crawl to pull a cord.


Nobody wants to be watched.

Most seniors won't want to trade privacy for physical security. Even if they'll accept a camera in the living room, the bedroom and bathroom are off limits.


Who wants to use wearables?

Putting on a wearable alarm often feels like a surrender. That's why a fifth of seniors refuse to use their devices. A third simply forget.

Why Vayyar Care?

Vayyar Care is different from all other fall monitoring devices on the market. Firstly, there are no buttons to push. That’s crucial, because after suffering a fall, many people are unable to reach their emergency button or cord. There are no wearables such as pendants and watches to remember to put on either. What’s more, with no cameras involved, Vayyar Care also maintains privacy at all times and offers 24/7 protection. 

Not only is Vayyar Care the most effective fall monitoring technology…it is also the most cost effective. 

Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency.

Bed mats, floor mats, neck chains. Replaced every 6 months. It all adds up.

Our fall detection sensor from Vayyar Care is designed for long-term use without the need for ongoing disposals, making it better for the environment and for your budget.