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Guide: The secrets to saving energy (and money) all year round

Saving energy and electricity has never been a bad idea and certainly not in times with fluctuating energy prices.

With higher energy prices there is lots of money to be saved on your electricity bill with some small changes, and of course, reducing your carbon footprint is always reason enough to save energy.

How to save energy the smart way

You probably already know the classic ways to save electricity, such as spending less time in the shower, washing your clothes at a lower temperature, and avoiding the tumble dryer. And these are all great.

But you can actually save power – and time – in lots of smart ways just by adding a few smart devices to your home.

All it takes is some devices, a smart home hub and a little time setting it up to your needs – and now you’re ready to reap the benefits (saving energy and money) all year round.

In this guide, you can discover the energy-saving benefits of smart plugs, smart cables, and smart relays; a smart hack for avoiding heat from escaping your home; and how to easily track your electricity consumption in real-time.

Smart plugs – remote control your electrical appliances

As electricity prices have gone up, smart plugs have been all the rage. And for good reason. Because these smart little fellas can really save you some energy (and money) over time.

The concept is simple: plug a smart plug into a power socket, then plug your electrical appliance into the smart plug, and voila – you can now control your electrical appliance from your smartphone.

This means that you can turn on or off any connected appliance at certain times by setting up automations on your phone. For instance, turning off all the lights when you leave in the morning.

Smart Plug Mini – electricity consumption tracker and remote switch in one

It gets even smarter with the frient Smart Plug Mini.

This device not only lets you control your electrical appliances remotely – it also lets you track their electricity consumption.

This way, you can always see how much power your appliances are using and have them turned off if they use too much, allowing you to lower your electricity bill.

The friently Smart Plug Mini also lets you automate your connected appliances, so you can have them turn on, for example, at a given time.

Avoid standby consumption with the Smart Plug Mini

Want to use power on appliances that are not in use? We didn’t think so.

Many of your appliances consume a low but noticeable amount of power on standby mode which can pile up over time.

But no worries – the Smart Plug Mini has you covered. When connected to a Smart Plug Mini, you can completely turn off your appliances (without having to go around unplugging things all the time), and you can even set up schedules to turn them off at times when they are not in use, for instance, during the night.

However, if you don’t want to turn off your appliance completely, you can still get some power-saving benefit from the Smart Plug Mini.

Because the Smart Plug Mini (and all the other frient smart home devices) are communicating via Zigbee – a wireless communication protocol consuming less power than, for example, WiFi – it’s designed to use minimal standby power.

Saving energy

Stop the heat from escaping your home with a smart entry sensor

In the winter months, we naturally use more energy to warm up our houses – so airing out our home once in a while can quickly become a costly affair if we forget to close a window.

But don’t worry – we have a hack for you. The frient Entry Sensor Pro helps you avoid unnecessary heat loss. By mounting this smart device on your windows, you can get notified on your phone if you’ve forgotten to close one of them so you can act fast and close the window.

If you have any questions about the frient smart home products then please get in touch.

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