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Do your smart home devices like sunbathing? Why UV-resistance is more important than you might think

Strange question there in the headline, we know.

But also an important one if you want to keep your smart home devices in tip-top shape.

Because when it comes to technology devices, the materials used on the outside matter just as much as the technology inside.

And if a cheap plastic is used on the outside, your device will likely start turning yellow after some years if exposed to direct ultraviolet light from the sun.

The damaging rays of the sun

However, this is not only a matter of aesthetics. Because when your device starts turning yellow, it means that the chemical structure of the plastic is degrading.

This, in turn, could mean that the plastic on your device will eventually break or bend of out shape, potentially harming the functionality of your product.

Leaving you with a broken product.

Opt for products with UV-resistant plastic

In case you are not looking for that 90s home computer, nicotine-stained look for your smart home devices or a cracked plastic cover, we highly recommend that you look for smart home products that have UV-resistant plastic.

This plastic has been tested with exposure to UV light and won’t turn yellow even after many years of service.

At frient, UV-resistant plastic is used for most of our products. This means that these frient devices remain as white and sturdy as the day you installed them. Because we want you to have a smart home that is built to last.

So both you and your smart home devices can enjoy the sun.

If you have any questions about the frient smart home products then please get in touch.

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